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Each month I share my experiences with crystals, what they teach me, and how powerful they are.  I have always loved the science and geology behind crystal formation.  The Healing Properties of crystals has been my strong belief for my entire life.


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Thank goodness for our uniqueness that describes exactly who we are.  I strive be a true compliment to each and every one of us that seeks more out of life.  I imagine us as a Liquid Crystal Body.  A Snowflake, each one of us a unique individual, different, but with the same genetic make-up (H2O).


The past few weeks has seen me take to the road and travel 8000 km’s across this great continent to extend my business to a new dimension.  I continue to invest in my wholesale business and build networks across this beautiful Earth.  The Collingwood Gem Club has been established, and is forging ahead with a Gem Show in Collingwood July 2016.  Good things take time to come to fruition.  I am excited about the abundance that will be created in Collingwood as the years transpire.


What do you seek in life? Is it achievable? is it within your vibration?  I tend to go after things that are 1. Believable, 2. Easily Attainable, 3. Financially Viable.  I am after the world and then some.  Each day I make my prayers to Universe, my mantra of abundance, empowerment of self and believing in the Law of Attraction.  What I think, I get!


Good News: I am honoured to be hosting a friend and an amazing musician on Friday March 6th.  An Intimate Evening while we Crystal Journey together into another dimension.  David Hickey will be Crystal Rocking Collingwood with his Santoor, Crystal Bowls and Solar System Gongs.  Come and enjoy this amazing evening with me in an intimate setting in the Heart of Collingwood.  Tickets are going fast.


I have been focused on how I can help others achieve more.  Who doesn’t want more?  As a leading wholesaler of Tumbled Stones and Crystals to a wide array of retailers and Light Workers across this great planet.  My intention of healing and love is sent around the world, helping in ways that I will never fully understand.  To be in service is my life purpose.


What is your purpose?  Do you know what your destiny is? Or where to even begin?  I can help.  Seriously, through a simple conversation I can aid in focusing your ability to attract what you want.  Yes, I am a Reiki Master, Yes, I give Healing, Yes, I’m FREE!.  But this does require a visit to Collingwood to experience this transformation.  Come with expectations, leave transformed and ready to take on the world.


Are you ready?  Of course YOU Are!  Expect Miracles to Happen and a Transformation to Occur.  Similar to Sedona Arizona, Collingwood offers a healing on a deeper level than you ever expected.  Vibrational Healing on all levels, (Spirtual, Physical and Emotional).


Just a little Pat on my Back with a side note:


I have successfully been elected to the Collingwood BIA.  I am truly honoured.  The Acceptance by my community while only being a resident and retail business operator for 14 months here in Collingwood.  This experience of embracement and acceptance by my new community has made my heart sing.  The Service Industry is abundant and prosperous.  Are you in Service to your Community?  I am!  For the next four years, I will serve you Collingwood


With all the abundance and love, I share my heart with you!



March 2015 -  Crystals that make you go hmm

The Art of Doing Things - You get to be the Artist!


Checking in with yourself is one of life's greatest journey.  I have had quite a journey this past summer.  Travelling with the lunar cycle to cities across this great country.   Hold tight folks, it has been a wild ride filled with Crystals and Chaos.


I have so often shared information about our geometric symmetry of the six sided water (H2O) crystals we call snowflakes to six sided quartz crystals (SiO2).  A mirror reflection of our pattern of life.  Or Plutonic Solid.  When we mineralize, alkalize and detoxify our bodies, we become a more vibrant pattern of life.  This is science folks.  Every Mineral, or better yet, every element of the Periodic Table of Elements has electrons spinning around a nucleus of Protons and Neutrons.  These Electrons physically show up in one of the 5 Plutonic Solids (Cubic, Icosahedron, Dodecahedron, Tetrahedron, Octohedron)  Essentially these Minerals or Elements are the Building Blocks of Life.  So how important are Gems and Minerals in our lives?  They are Life and Death Important for the body to function properly.  I continue to share my experience of drinking Himalayan Salt Brine to Alkalize, Mineralize and Detoxify my Body, and my monthly Heavily Salted Himalayan Salt Bath regime that keeps me on my Yellow Brick Road towards the Land of OZ.  I am running faster than Ben Johnson did on Steroids.  I am no Cheetah!  (you will need to be a Canadian of a certain age to know the joke)  


My Spiritual Summer Journey began in July by showing up in Sudbury for their Annual Gem show on a New Moon (dark sky = loads of stars).


Two weeks later, my next stop was in Bancroft for their Annual Gem Show; can you believe it fell on a Full Moon.  This experience was transformational and likely one with the highest confirmation of my Path or Destiny. Shall I tell more?   I decided to take a leap and invest in myself and my accommodations while in Bancroft.  In the past, I have slept in my vehicle to save money or to avoid the drunken ruckus of other gem vendors.  I chose to invest in my well being during this year's  Gemboree.  I stayed at the infamous Grail Springs, meeting the owner Madeleine Marentette, experiencing what is offered there was absolutely the biggest shout out to universe that I was on my Path.  (Although I call myself a Food Flexitarian - I eat everything that is served) Grail Springs is full vegan, no caffeine and all SPRITUAL.  They teach the power of positive thoughts, eating healthy, thinking healthy including a regime of Himalayan Salt Brine and Baths.


At Grail Springs, each day is filled with powerful meditations/presentations focused on positive affirmations. This Place Rocks and has my highest recommendations for those looking for deep healing and restorative work.  Staying at Grail Springs in Bancroft amounted to a somewhat working vacation for me (I worked long hours at the Gem Show and spent the remainder of the time walking the labyrinth and enjoying the grounds of Grail Springs).  I was honoured with an epiphany literally in my final moments of the 5 days of being there.  I melted a layer of my heart by a strangers hug.....

I spent my last hour at Grail Springs feeding carrots to horses (Zen Masters, they are) accompanied with an angel named Mel.  I can't remember when I felt someone hug me more than I hug them.  A big Thank you to the "Mystery Mel" for melting me!


Let us shift another Lunar Cycle to the New Moon and a 2000km (1200 mile) trek to Parrsborro Nova Scotia.  I love this place.  It reminds me so much of Collingwood.  Personable, friendly, green and healthy.  I love this Gem Show too, and the people are warm and welcoming in every way.  Just being by the ocean, surrounded by Negative Ions.  Yeah Baby, I was running on HIGH!  A Confirmation Occurred. Universe spoke, I listened and for the first time - I took action - I reached outside of my comfort zone where the magic really happens.  When you hear that little voice that says, JUST DO IT..... I DID IT!


TAKE ACTION - Stop talking about it and just do it.  There is an Art of Doing Things - You get to be the Artist!


I am more focused, more calm, cool and collected to make better choices for myself today and into the future.  I am focused on taking action both Locally and Globally for my community and my own well-being. Ah Ho


I have been coveting my Lemurian Seed Crystal and Brandberg Quartz over this past summer.  These are two remarkable crystals that have facilitated change and allowed me to make magic happen.


As the last hours of Summer come to a close, I will wake tomorrow in a New Season, a perfect time to start something new.  I FEEL FRESH to take on the world.  Look out! I am a Change Maker!


Big Crystal Love


Sept 2015 -  Crystal Silence